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This Is My Story


Hello travelers, backpackers and the ones thinking about visiting İstanbul.

My name is Biriz, a true Istanbulite, 6th generation born and raised in this city.

I’m not licensed tour guide or a tour operater but I am your personal guide and Istanbulite vacation planner with an excellent local knowledge of my city. I can be your guide and your company showing you what’s new, what’s on and what’s best in this beautiful city.

The idea came from my guests I hosted at my place via AirBnB. I was born with the natural gene of Turkish hospitality which is very well-known. Almost each and every Turkish person is always ready and on alert to meet their guests needs immediately with extras just like me. My guests, I’m happy to call them as ”friend” honored me with their incredibly warm comments after their stay that thanked for my guidance and friendly approach to them. They gave me the idea and supported me from the very first moment till it become real.

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